Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Health Information system/ Electronic Health Record (EHR)

In this world of dynamic changes and extensive technology every thing has become so fast. Companies not only product based but also service based should make them so fast moving head to head with the changes to survive. Here we will discuss Medical sector which a service sector. Modern medical science is used for the sake of benefit of humans on both sides for user and patient. It makes easy and fast working for both involved parties.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Important Dental Guidelines & Teeth Pain Tips

About Brushing
a.      Brush teeth two times daily, before going to sleep and after getting up.
b.      Properly wash your toothbrush after use and put a tap over it.
c.       Change your brush every four months
d.      First brush inner parts of teeth then outer.
e.      While brushing move the brush up and down in vertical not in horizontal.
f.        Clean gums properly.
g.      Use good quality toothpaste and check expiry date when buying toothpaste.

Constipation & Its Easy Treatment

What is it?
Constipation is Mother of all Diseases, do not take it easy
            Decreased frequency and difficulty in passing of stool is medically known as constipation. It is the condition in which person faces problem in passing bowel, or he passes hard dry stool. Bowel movements are different for different people depending on their diet and daily routine. People who do not exercise and move much get constipated frequently. However, there is no need to worry because by taking some simple steps you can avoid constipation. Headache and pale yellow face color are main symptoms and affects of

Cholera & its Treatment

Definition: - Cholera is an infectious disease that develops due to a microbe biotic worm. These worms outflow in a huge amount in patient’s vomits and loose bowels. These worms can reach into healthy people through dirty water. In this disease patient feels like someone is hearting him with needles. You can also say that Cholera: - 

Dust Allergy and Remedies


            When our body becomes Hypersensitive to some specific allergen it in react produces different symptoms like swelling, redness, pimples, cough, and sneezing. This is called allergy. Some substances live and born in airs are subject to switch on an allergic reaction in human body. These
substances commonly named as “allergens”, whereas specific names are dust mites, mold, pollen, animal dander etc. Due to newer inventions of dangerous chemical and improper disposing of wastages allergy has become very common disease among people of world. Almost every second person has some allergy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Islamic Baby Boys Names with Meanings